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Pit Bike races at the dunes



Whiskey Throttle is a group of best friends that came together to make a dream into a reality by buying a school bus for dirt bikes. We have owned "Sandy Bus"  since 2013.  First trip we took her out we got her stuck in the sand! It didn't stop there, we had a front tire blow out going 70mph , blew her turbo, lost a mud flap, got pulled over and left Kathy stranded on the side of the road with the cops.


She's been around almost as much as your mom. We like to pull her out and take her on adventures in Utah, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Oregon.

We want to do more than just clothe the nudes, we are building a culture around what we love to do.  We are building a group of riders - some shitty, some good(but mostly shitty), awesome drinkers, and professional Whiskey Throttlers.  

For all you Whiskey Throttlers out there who are down to have a good time and want to ride, feel free to hit us up and join the adventure!

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